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Hair & Make-up the Professional way.

memorable . personal . beauty experience .


Do you have a big event coming up? Feeling stressed at the idea of doing your own hair and make-up? The thought of walking into a professional make-up store sending you into cold sweats? Your worries can officially be over! With 8 years of both wedding and film industry hair and make-up, I can assuredly say that you’re in pretty good hands.

Hit that ‘quote me’ button and well, the rest they say is history in the making!

Need professional assistance?

reliable . tailor-made . forever experience .

Do you know the Date, Time, Venue and who requires Hair & Make-up for the event?
Please remember to complete with form below with as many details as possible.

Thank you. I’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.

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So, who’s Radi-8?

Let’s be real . a closer look inside the loft sessions .

The name and face behind the brand. I am Genee Leonard. I started Radi-8, as what feels a lifetime ago, and a much younger me! An impressionable little sister with both my older sisters starting their own companies, like Innov-8 and Captiv-8.. I’m sure you get the picture? *wink

So after my studies and diploma in hair and make-up, Radi-8 was born around the dinner table of discussions, and the proverbial annual goal setting with my A-type family. (Who can identify with me here?)

And now after years of debating whether to promote myself as me, or my brand, I’ve decided that the brand stays. It’s had some upgrades and re-branding overtime and the story will continue to unfold as Radi-8.

Fashion, Hair, Make-up, Weddings
& Grooming. Everything Beauty.

5 years film industry . 8 years wedding . 1 year e-commerce . 

Versatility and flexibility is crucial in this industry. Learning to work within these different sectors and divisions
ensures we’re ready for anything that comes our way!

Model | Jordan
Agency | Max Models

Photographer & Videographer | Marius Strydom
Stylist: Danielle Solomon
Hair & Make-up | Genée Leonard


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